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Broken Pipes, Roof Leaks, A/C Leaks!

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Testimonials: Clients Say

"My house severely suffered water damage as a result of a leak. QCC took care of everything – from recommending a plumber and a clean up company to negotiating a very generous claim settlement from our insurance company. We couldn't be happier with their service."

– Maria in Coconut Grove
We Work With Your Insurance Carrier!

A good, solid insurance policy is going to cover Water Damage and the effects of Water Damage, but you need to know how to approach it when it relates to your claim. Our Recovery Specialists are trained and certified in analyzing, breaking down your coverage and taking every aggressive step to help you get compensated on your water mitigation efforts, water damage and any property damage your water incident may have caused

Broken Pipes, Roof Leaks, Water Damage Recovery & Clean Up Specialist

The effects of water damage to a residential home or business are staggering! The costs can be enormous and not mitigating your damages could create havoc on your wallet and may not even be covered by your insurance carrier, unless of course you hire a Quick Claims Consultants Water Damage Recovery Specialists!

Quick Dry Ups, Easy Cleaning & Fast Recovery

Our goal in every water damage case is to get you cleaned up, paid up and back to normal. No one wants to waste time, effort and countless hours talking and debating with an insurance carrier about the payments and recovery you deserve and were promised when you signed your insurance policy!

At Quick Claims Consultants we will help you get the recovery you need from your insurance policy, get paid out your full benefits and make sure your property is back to normal, so you can get your life back to normal! Don’t waste another moment, call our Water Damage Recovery Specialist now at 305 238 5266