Mold Removal & Damage

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"My house severely suffered water damage as a result of a leak. QCC took care of everything – from recommending a plumber and a clean up company to negotiating a very generous claim settlement from our insurance company. We couldn't be happier with their service."

– Maria in Coconut Grove
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Mold Removal & Damage
Mold Removal & Damage
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Have Mold in your home or looking to remove Mold in your Home or Business? Don’t waste your time on those expensive Mold Test kits or using dangerous cleaning products. Contact one of our Mold Mitigation and Recovery Specialists now at Phone: 305 238 5266

Mold in A/C Vents, Homes, Buildings

Mold in an A/C, Air conditioner and Air Vents? These are dangerous signs of potential toxicity and horrible for your home or business. A through Mold Inspection may be needed and a very important to ensure further growth of Mold and airborne spores.

Areas Where Mold Can Grow
Mold Removal & Damage

Mold can grow, spread and infect areas in every part of your home, but some of the most common areas where Mold grows are: Walls, baseboards, roofs, ceilings, A/C vents, and interior walls, wet humid areas like laundry rooms, bathrooms and showers. Mold is highly toxic and can cause sickness and disease in animals, adults and even worse children.

The effects of Mold can sometimes show up in the air quality of your home, it can cause breathing issues, watery eyes and flu like symptoms. Although many of the ailments don’t need to be present to prove you have a problem with mold, the best thing to do is to hire and call one of our Recovery Specialists and we will get a trained, certified Mold Inspector to your door same day! Don’t wait another moment, call now!

Trained Mold Inspectors

Mold Inspectors are trained and licensed to evaluate, address, mitigate and remediate Mold damage in your home or business. Our staff of Specialized Recovery agents will visit your home or business for FREE, evaluate the damage or potential Mold infected areas and help you recover from damages to your Home or Business by Mold. Contact us now for a FREE Evaluation!